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Mogherini at summit discussions on migration, Russia and Syria

20/10/2016 - 18:45
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Mogherini at summit discussions on migration, Russia and Syria

High Representative Federica Mogherini participates today and tomorrow at a European Council focused heavily on EU foreign policy.  She is called to brief Heads of State and Government on the ongoing work on how to manage migration better, in partnership with third countries. This includes details of the first results of the Partnership Framework which set up ‘Migration Compacts’ with five priority countries - Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal and Ethiopia – as well as information on the EU Trust Fund for Africa and the European External Investment Plan and work being done on migration with other countries such as Afghanistan.

Mogherini will also introduce EU leaders’ debate on Russia: “I believe that the approach I prepared with the Foreign Ministers and that I will present, based on a balance between firmness and dialogue, will be the one that will keep us all together. Continued unity is what we need in the European Union,” she told the press before the summit.

The High Representative will also update the Heads of State and Government on the situation in Syria and the work the EU is doing to try and bring humanitarian aid to eastern Aleppo, and the discussions the EU is having with key regional players on the future of Syria.

“Today, the work of the European Union is focusing first on the urgency of bringing humanitarian aid to Aleppo, saving lives and making sure that the diplomatic channel maintains the ceasefire as long as we manage to reach the wounded, the people who are dying on the ground, and create the political space for a solution of the crisis – it is a diplomatic work we are focusing on at this moment.”
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