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EU Statement – United Nations General Assembly: Secretary-General’s Report ‘Our Common Agenda’ Report

New York, 11/10/2021 - 15:06, UNIQUE ID: 211012_14
Statements on behalf of the EU

11 October 2021, New York – European Union Statement delivered by Mr. Marcel Pieper, Adviser, European Union Delegation to the United Nations, at the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Joint Debate on Item 124: Strengthening of the United Nations system - UN Secretary-General’s ‘Our Common Agenda’ Report

Thank you, Mr Vice-President.


Excellences, I am delivering this statement on behalf of the EU and its Member States on item 124 related to the Secretary-General’s ‘Our Common Agenda’ report.


We would like to voice our appreciation to the Secretary-General for having consulted very broadly in an inclusive manner and for having delivered a rich report and recommendations, which we are still digesting.


Once we have assessed the report in full, we stand ready to engage actively in addressing current and future challenges as presented in the report with the aim towards improving global governance.


The EU values the report as a tangible contribution to strengthening multilateralism with a strengthened and more inclusive UN at its core, which responds to what leaders asked for in the UN75 Declaration.


We also share the SG’s frank and dire analysis of the state of the world, of the deficiencies of the global governance system and the urgency to act as to avoid a breakdown scenario and work towards a break-through.


The EU is looking forward to re-convening in this Hall on 25 October where we can discuss with the Secretary-General in more in detail the proposals of ‘Our Common Agenda’.


We note positively that the PGA has committed to treating this file as a top priority during this session and fully support a leading role for him in the follow-up process.


The next immediate step is to agree a framework that allows us to follow-up to the report with its recommendations and to articulate them within existing initiatives and mechanisms, while maintaining momentum on this important file.


The EU would be supportive of a short and concise procedural resolution as to provide this framework, which should allow for continuing the broad and inclusive consultation with external stakeholders.


We stand to engage with all of you and our partners as we move forward on this key file. I thank you.

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