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Art symposium for the development of rural areas

27/08/2021 - 09:11
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The still closed borders canceled the plans of the EU “Northern Lights” project team to organize an internship for local residents of Russian rural areas in Europe and to show, through the experience of habitants of Slovak and Czech villages, the influence of cultural and event tourism on the development and promotion of local territories. The teams of the “Silver Taiga” Foundation and the “Makhaon International” Association jointly decided then to hold an art symposium “Let's Gather Around Chipsan” on the project territory, and arrived with members of the creative team to Komi Republic.

European experience shows that art events held in villages, where artists and painters are appreciated and expected, are necessary and in great demand. And villages that create art residences or hold plein airs and art symposia receive powerful impulses for development, for example:

- created art expositions enrich the environment and attract visitors, which contributes to the development of tourism and small businesses,

- artistic events unite local residents, strengthen their desire to live in the village and change life for the better on their own,

- there is a desire for creativity in children and young people,

- the village gets an image of a creative center, and social environment gradually begins to change, more and more young and educated people seek to settle there.

From July 30 to August 7, 2021, the village of Chernysh in the Komi Republic turned into a "Territory of Inspiration" for artists Mikhail Beketov, Elena Evdokimova, Vitaly Okun, Dmitry Zaitsev, Alexei and Georgy Sheboldaev. Children were all the time around the artists, and some actively helped. Professor Aleksey Sheboldaev, who has been teaching children and young people to paint all his life, believes that early art education and creative impulses are very important for the formation of a harmonious personality. Who knows, maybe some of those children, who watched in amazement how a work of art could emerge from an old pot lid or a wooden swing, will eventually become artists or folk craftsmen.

The art symposium was held within the framework of the project "Northern Lights - Women's Initiatives for Sustainable Rural Development" with the support of the European Union. The organizers of the cultural event hope that Chernysh will be able to take advantage of the impetus received for the development of rural tourism, which is only making its first steps in this picturesque village. With the support of Northern Lights, local residents began to equip the guest house (the artists were the first guests), as well as to develop excursion programs.


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