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European Union Ambassadors meet with the President of the Sovereign Council to discuss the developments in Sudan and the region

Khartoum, 31/08/2021 - 13:54, UNIQUE ID: 210831_3
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The Ambassadors and Chargé’s d’ Affaires of France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the European Union met today with His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdel Fatah Al Burhan, President of the Transitional Sovereign Council at his office at the Republican Palace.

Ambassador Robert van den Dool, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Sudan said the following remarks to the press at the Republican Palace.

  1. Today, the EU Ambassadors in Khartoum had the pleasure to meet with His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdel Fatah Al Burhan, President of the Transitional Sovereign Council. The delegation consisted of the EU Ambassador to Sudan, and the Ambassadors and Chargé’s d’ Affaires of France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Sweden.  The meeting was held in a very constructive and friendly atmosphere.  This kind of diplomacy has never been more important as we seek to support Sudan’s democratic transition and also to help ease tensions in the Horn of Africa and expand cooperation across this region as we believe that Sudan’s positive role on this is historic. We thank General Al Burhan for his engagement and open and frank discussions with the EU.
  1. We discussed with his Excellency the political developments in Sudan, the follow-up of the Prime Minister’s Political Initiative and the calls for dialogue on forming the constitutional and electoral commissions. Moreover, we also touched on the continued efforts exerted to contain the differences between the political forces in Sudan to ensure the success of the transitional period. Once again, we underlined the importance of the full implementation of the August 2019 Constitutional Document, including the installation of a Transitional Legislative Council.
  1. We also discussed the security situation in the country, the progress in the implementation of the security arrangements stipulated by the Juba Peace Agreement and the efforts by the government to maintain order, strengthen security, impose rule of law and combat crime. The meeting agenda discussed the government measures to ensure the safety of civilians, including the internally displaced. Also, the progress of investigations and bring to justice the perpetrators of recent deadly intercommunal violence and attacks in Darfur and East Sudan.
  1. We stressed the importance of the Government of Sudan to step up its efforts to protect civilians, including internally displaced people, prevent further displacements and advance solutions to internal displacement by promptly and fully implementing its National Plan for the Protection of Civilians.
  1. The European Union Ambassadors expressed their support to the government economic reforms.  The measures taken will help Sudan rebuild its economy and we reiterated our support for the family support program to cushion the effects of economic hardship for the most vulnerable Sudanese families. 
  1. In several bilateral interventions, we briefed His Excellency on the different areas of cooperation of the EU and its member states in support of Sudan’s democratic transition. These efforts aim to support the economic reforms, promote equal rights for women and girls, enhancing the quality of governance throughout the country and supporting the full implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement.
  1. The meeting was also an important opportunity to be briefed by H.E. General Al Burhan about the situation on the Eastern Borders, the situation in Ethiopia, the developments in South Sudan and the stability of the Horn of Africa and the security of the Red Sea.  Sudan’s strategic location is key to the stability of the region and we believe that any military escalation will negatively reflect on the peace, security and progress in the countries of the region.
  1. We confirmed to his Excellency that the European Union will continue to support Sudan's transition to a civilian-led democratic government.  We will also continue to support Sudan to reintegrate into the global economy and we will definitely continue to support any genuine effort to build a peaceful democratic system for all Sudanese.
  1. The European Union and its member states will jointly stand by the Sudanese people who, through the Sudanese revolution, embarked upon the unique transformation of the country. We will stand by Sudan to achieve its goals for peace, freedom and Justice.
  1. The meeting concluded in the joint assertion that the transition of the country has also resulted in a significant development in Sudanese-EU Relations, which is exemplified by the joint preparation of a strategic political dialogue between Sudan and the European Union during the second semester of this year. 


Thank you.


Khartoum 31 August 2021




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