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Daniel Weiss writes: European Union supports the right to Education in South Kordofan and Red Sea State

Khartoum, 25/08/2021 - 11:27, UNIQUE ID: 210825_1
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“The right to education is a fundamental right of all citizens because it enhances social mobility thus can bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity.” Educating children, particularly girls, is one of the most powerful tools we can implement in our global efforts to promote world peace.  Education boosts confidence and hope, gives knowledge, promotes independent thinking, inspires problem-solving skills, opens doors to career enhancement and employment opportunities, builds empathy and tolerance and cultivates respect between all community members.

As Sudan continues its difficult journey to development and prosperity, it is crucial to invest in education to promote peace, generate economic growth, and promote human development and equality between social classes and boys and girls. This is why the European Union has set strengthening of the education system is Sudan as one of its priorities.

EQUIP is one of the projects funded by the EU (for 3.2 million Euros – 169 billion points) to improve the schooling and school infrastructure in the South Kordofan and the Red Sea States. It is implemented by Save the Children International.  . Overall, 90 schools comprising 22,000 students, of whom almost 50% are girls, will benefit from the project. It provides training to 421 teachers and headmasters on new teaching methods and child protection, provides 80 school grants, improves infrastructure by renovating 42 classrooms, installs 16 off-grid solar panels to ensure sustainable electricity provision and fences for the security of the schoolchildren.

The European Union is proud to work with the Ministry of Education, international and local organizations and young people to support Sudan’s transitional period. The young people in Sudan are the driving change towards a better future of the country.  They will lead Sudan’s action on climate change, campaign to end violence and discrimination, uphold democratic values and freedoms, connect to the world through information technology and  build peace in societies ravaged by war.  To prevent the conflicts in Sudan and the region, we need to work together for the children who are our the pillars of our hope and investment for peace to win out over war.

Promoting and granting access to education irrespective of race, faith and gender is a collective effort by different partners including the government, civil society, private sector, youth leaders, community leaders, parents and each and every citizen. The European Union endeavors to support Sudan in the noble cause of strengthening its education system, as it is the passport for the future enabling people to stand as equals.

Written on 24th August 2021 in Khartoum by Mr. Daniel Weiss is the chargé d'affaires a.i. and Head of the Political and Press Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

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