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Iran nuclear deal already bringing positive results, Mogherini says

23/09/2016 - 11:11

The Iranian nuclear deal reached last July is already bringing concrete results, High Representative Federica Mogherini said on Thursday evening in New York.

After chairing a ministerial level meeting of the joint commission on the agreement, the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Mogherini said that the International Atomic Energy Agency had confirmed that Iran has taken all the steps it was required to on nuclear related issues.

"There has been a common assessment that the agreement is being implemented", she said, "there is continuous political commitment by all, E3+3 and obviously the European Union to continue this way and the trends, the positive trends are quite clear,”

The deal is also showing concrete results in the European Union, she underlined.

“I can share that we have seen this year, since the beginning of the year, an increase of 43% of trade between the EU and Iran compared to last year; that several European banks have started to facilitate transactions with Iranian banks. And we have seen an increase, greater than expected, in oil sales to European countries, where Iran has almost reached its pre-sanctions rate of 4 million barrels per day",.  Mogherini said.

The High Representative put the success of the deal down to the “political will, determination, commitment” of the countries involved not just to find an agreement, but to ensure its implementation.

She expressed the hope that the success of the JCPOA would have a positive knock-on effect on other issues.

“We all reaffirmed very strongly the political importance, the historic political importance of this agreement that has shown to the world and to ourselves, that even the most difficult issues can be solved through dialogue and diplomacy and with a win-win approach, overcoming the zero-sum game approach that sometimes blocks us in some of our talks and some of our negotiations.

“We all  believe that the good results of this agreement can help solving other crises,” Mogherini concluded.