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EUAM Iraq met with the Chairman of the Border Points Commission

03/09/2020 - 12:50
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On 2 September, a delegation led by the Acting Head of Operations Dirk D’hulst met with the Chairman of the Border Points Commission (BPC) at the BPC Headquarters in Baghdad.

The BPC is an important partner in the Mission’s efforts in advising the Integrated Border Management. The advisory efforts focus on increasing efficiency and tackling cross-border crime phenomena such as drug smuggling and trafficking in human beings.

The Chairman showed great interest in the Mission’s abilities to provide advice on utilising web-based platforms for strategic advice on combatting migrant smuggling and human rights and gender.

The BPC is willing to receive advice on drafting a proper Code of Conduct for the agencies dealing with the Integrated Border Management. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to prevent acts against law and ethics including human rights violations and gender-based discrimination.

Both sides emphasised the importance of developing integrated communication and information systems at border crossing points. An effective border security is seen as the first line of defense against the movement of terrorists across borders as well as the illegal cross-border movement of goods and cargo. Successful enforcement of the border can therefore not only enhance the country’s safety but also to prevent serious human rights violations.

The Mission and the BPC emphasised the importance of continuous cooperation in the field of border safety despite the challenging COVID-19 situation on the ground.

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