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PAR /Assistance and strengthening the capacities of MISA service

20/09/2017 - 16:34
Better Public Services

This contract is aimed to support the Ministry of Administration and Information Society (MISA) to further improve the legal framework on public administration and to improve the performance of public service delivery, as well as the system of professional competences of the administration.

The contract has the following 2 components:

  • component 1 — development of unified information system that will arrange/organise the work of all civil and public servants in the process of delivering public services through any of the current delivery channels (postal, in person, online) and/or through any future channels like mobile or other innovative delivery channels. This information system should enable institutions to align all activity flows with the existing policies and strategies, to increase control and consistency of the processes and to improve operational efficiency. Furthermore, under this component the legal framework on public administration should be improved through conducting analyses of the amended special laws related to specific administrative procedures in the context of their further harmonisation with the new law on general administrative procedure enacted in June 2015, and in line with the outcome of the administrative guillotine that was done in March 2015,
  • component 2 — improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees directly engaged in the delivery of administrative services by development of competence-based framework that will enable merit-based recruitment and promotion and in order to increase the citizen satisfaction with the public service delivery.


Contractor's name: Nextsense Ltd. (MK) in consortium with: Archidata s.r.l. (IT) and ETT S.p.A. (IT)

Beneficiary institution: Ministry of Information Society and Administration

Contract value (€): 414.600

IPA-NCF ratio: 90%-10%

Date of signature: 19.12.2017

End date: 19.12.2019

Type of Contract: Service contract