Borrell's first visit to the US: stepping up the transatlantic partnership in challenging times

06/02/2020 - 16:11
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The EU High Representative outlines the “geopolitical” Europe to US top representatives with a number of salient foreign policy issues on the table


In a world facing unprecedented global challenges a strong transatlantic alliance is ever more important. On his first visit to the United States as EU High Representative, Josep Borrell will reaffirm the European Union’s commitment to an effective transatlantic partnership able to seek joint solutions, to advance shared interests and to strengthen the rules-based international order. In meetings with representatives of the US Administration, Borrell will work on the most pressing issues of our time and underline the desire to cooperate on regional security challenges, and salient foreign policy issues, including above all the Middle East Peace Process and the JCPOA with Iran. 

On 7 February, Borrell will meet in Washington with US Secretary of State, Michael R. Pompeo; Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi; National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien; and Senior Advisor to the President, Jared Kushner. The High Representative / Vice President will introduce a “geopolitical” Europe willing to be present at the global stage in close partnership with the United States.

The High Representative will speak about his recent outreach in the Middle East and Gulf region, which he had visited in the past week, and discuss how to take forward the Middle East peace process. Discussions will also focus on current situations in Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, and Ukraine and other issues of current international affairs.

The HR/VP will also reassure the EU’s commitment to NATO and the complementarity of the EU defence initiatives with the transatlantic alliance. Last but not least, Borrell will present Europe´s new Green Deal and discuss how to create synergies with the ongoing climate discussions taking place in the US to join forces against climate change.

Borrell meets Pompeo in Berlin

Josep Borrell and Mike Pompeo, during the Berlin Conference on Libya last 19 January.

The way forward: recent success stories of EU-US positive cooperation

Despite some recent divergences on foreign policy issues, the EU and the US share a long history of cooperation based on common values and interests, and stemming from the close ties between their citizens. The European Union-United States partnership remains strong and the two sides continue to work together for peace, stability and prosperity. 

Recent examples of such successful cooperation include our joints efforts as to Venezuela, Ukraine, the Western Balkans, Syria, and Iraq, as well as for instance the trilateral EU-US-Japan trade talks, the UN Sanctions on North Korea to help pushing towards denuclearisation of the peninsula and joint work in the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF).