European Union External Action

Lebanon: Statement by the Spokesperson on the government formation process

Brussels, 26/07/2021 - 20:22, UNIQUE ID: 210726_11
Statements by the Spokesperson

The European Union notes the nomination of Najib Mikati as Prime Minister-designate. It is now of crucial importance that a credible and accountable government is formed in Lebanon without delay, one that is able to address the severe economic and social crises the country is facing.

We call on the Lebanese political leaders to cooperate and allow for the swift formation of a credible and capable government, in the interest of the people of Lebanon.

Implementing key governance and economic reforms remains of utmost urgency, as called for by the International Support Group for Lebanon, the EU and other members of the international community for a long time now. Effective talks aiming at an early agreement with the International Monetary Fund must start immediately to avoid a financial collapse.

We also recall Lebanon’s commitment to the implementation of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (3RF) and that the reform process in Lebanon must closely involve the country’s civil society. Preparations for the 2022 elections must commence in earnest to ensure that such elections take place on schedule.

The EU remains ready to assist the people of Lebanon, but it is imperative that the Lebanese leadership fulfils its political responsibilities and opens the way for a quick resolution of the crisis.