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Chairman's trip to Portugal

01/06/2021 - 09:11
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From 24th to 28th of May 2021, the Chairman of the EU Military Committee - General Claudio Graziano, visited Portugal.


In Lisbon, the Chairman of EUMC participated in the international seminar on European Defence Economy organized by the Portuguese Defence, where he presented the end-users’ view in the panel session named “Is Europe’s Defence vaccinated against crises?”.

General Graziano paid also the official visit to Member State during which he met the Minister of Defence, Mr. João GOMES CRAVINHO, and the Chief of Defence, Adm. António SILVA RIBEIRO and thanked the authorities for pourtoguese contribution in EU military missions and operations.

As was traditionally the case before the pandemic, the EU Military Committee met in person in Lisbon on the occasion of the “EUMC away days”: a good opportunity for the military representatives to exchange views with local authorities about EU defence initiatives.

During the “Portoguese week”, General Graziano attended also the Defence Ministers informal meeting chaired by the HR/VP Mr. Borrel. During the first working session on the Capabilities basket of the Strategic Compass, the Chairman highlighted “the  importance of the critical role that emerging disruptive technologies will play in the next 50 years. Years that surely will change the international scenario and the global balance of power”.