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Khartoum, 27/05/2021 - 12:57, UNIQUE ID: 210527_8
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After more than 3 years, the pre-service teacher training component of the Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP), funded by the European Union Delegation to Sudan (€4M), under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and implemented by Expertise France[1] in partnership with France Education International[2], comes to an end on 31 May 2021.

On 26 May 2021, a press conference was held in the premises of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in Khartoum. At this occasion, Expertise France presented the key achievements and handed-over the academic and training materials developed during the programme to the Ministers. To ensure the sustainability of the results, the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Sudan announced an additional financial support of €9M to the teacher training activities for a period of 3 years, starting on 1 June 2021.

The cooperation between the two ministries will continue during this second period within the whole country as this programme now covers the 18 states of the territory, thus benefitting all the Sudanese children.

“Education is a human right that can break the poverty circle” said His Excellency, Ambassador Robert van den Dool, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Sudan, at the opening of the conference. His Excellency highlighted that the Education sector is underfunded in Sudan and emphasized the needs of increasing the government budget to meet the international standards and provide quality education across the country.

Mr. Bertrand Commelin, Director of the Department Human capital and Social development, Expertise France mentioned the very positive momentum France and Sudan are undergoing, especially with the International conference, held mid-may in Paris, to support the political transition in Sudan. He stressed how key it is to support education to achieve sustainable political, social and economic development. He emphasized the relevance of the EQUIP programme as it addresses the critical need of the teachers to strengthen their professional skills and not only their academic knowledge.

Her Excellency, Prof. Intisar Elzain Sagyroon, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, praised the good coordination between the two ministries during the last three years, and encouraged the women and men that made it possible to carry even further that great team spirit during the next three years. Minister Sagyroon stressed that no child must be left behind and hence particularly welcomed the fact that every child in the whole territory would benefit from the programme.

The EQUIP 1 programme (2018-2021) has achieved the following substantial results with the pre-service teacher training activities: co-construction, with international experts and key educational staff from both ministries, of a teacher qualification framework; co-construction of training modules for 6 subject matters (English, Arabic, Math, Sciences, History and Geography); development of evaluation practices to assess the student teachers’ professional skills; and training of more than 450 teacher trainers to use these training modules and assessment tools in their classrooms and in the schools.

The second phase of the programme’s teacher training component (2021-2024) will aim at training 400 university teachers, 162 supervisors and headmasters, 3,000 basic-school teachers and 10,000 student-teachers in more than 20 universities and 250 schools. Besides, Sudanese universities will benefit from the technical support of French universities, through programmes such as Erasmus+, to establish structures and mechanisms that will eventually lead to the emergence of educational research in Sudan.


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