Military mobility: EU and partners test their capacities through exercise

28/01/2021 - 08:30
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On 28 January 2021, the EEAS organises a Scenario Based Discussion (SBD). The SBD is carried out at staff level in an informal Politico Military Group session, as part of the events conducted in the framework of the EU Integrated Resolve 20 crisis management exercise.

The aim of this SBD is to trigger targeted discussions at staff level on the required coordination and cooperation to move military forces across Europe in determined fictitious crisis situations, in order to raise awareness and contribute to the efforts for the implementation of the EU Joint the Action Plan on Military Mobility

The SBD counts with the participation of experts and delegates from the Member States (delegations and capitals), the EU bodies and institutions: EEAS (ISPD, SECDEFPOL, EUMS), the EU Commission (DG MOVE, DG TAXUD, DG DEFIS), the European Defence Agency and from EU partners: NATO staff (IS, IMS, SHAPE), Canada, United States and Norway.

These discussions contribute to enhance the cooperation with our partners with whom we share common endeavours to build Europe’s security.