European Union External Action


06/07/2020 - 10:00
Thematic overview

The European Union is committed to the right of all people to access better healthcare. In addition to being a basic universal right, we view the availability of quality health services in Libya as a major contributor to peace and stability and in the longer term, as a central element of building the Libyan state.


In Libya, health is the sector receiving the most EU funding. The European Union is contributing to the rehabilitation of essential healthcare facilities and is supporting access to life-saving healthcare services, psychosocial support, provision of essential medicine, and care for survivors of gender-based violence. The services are provided to Libyans as well as migrants and asylum seekers.

European Union support focuses on :

  1. Providing Direct Health assistance for those in need
  2. Rehabilitation and equipping Libyan Health facilities
  3. Building capacity to ensure the sustainable provision of quality Health services


Download our brochure on EU support to the Health sector in Libya 


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