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Capacity building for safeguarding Asmara's historic urban environment

09/08/2019 - 11:06

'Asmara high school students learn about Asmara's renowned modernist's architecture'

Asmara high school students learn about Asmara City's rare and authentic architecture

On 8 August, 150 student representatives from 24 high schools around Asmara met at the NUEYS Junior Club Hall to raise their awareness on the efforts being made to preserve Asmara's unique modernist architecture. The half-day workshop was organized by the European Union Delegation to Eritrea in collaboration with Asmara Heritage Project (AHP) office and the National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students-Zoba Maekel. The in-depth presentation by the AHP Coordinator allowed the youth to learn and understand Asmara's rare integrity and authenticity with its prevailing numerous buildings built in various styles and rich collection of early modernist architecture. An active Q&A session followed the presentation and especially on the possibility of any simultaneous short term restorative work on any of the public or privately owned art deco buildings. Discussion was also raised regarding tangible & intangible heritage sites.  

During the workshop, the EU Delegation highlighted the engagement of the EU all over the world to promote culture for development and cultural cooperation between the EU and its partner countries. The EU Delegation has also identified supporting the cultural sector, including the preservation and promotion of the urban heritage, as one priority pillar for development cooperation in Eritrea.


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