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ESDC/EaP: Moldova hosts another CSDP event in Chisinau

03/02/2019 - 01:00
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The Republic of Moldova regularly hosts events organised by the European Security and Defence College in the framework of the Eastern Partnership. In February, Austria provided another training activity in Chisinau, aimed at helping the EaP countries to learn about the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy.

Gustav Lindstrom EU ISS ESDC EaP Austria Jochen Rehrl

About 50 students took part, attending lectures on structures and procedures, contributing to discussions on the global strategy and various policy fields, participating in workshops on cybersecurity and hybrid threats, and taking advantage of the international environment in order to make friends and extend their professional networks.

Arnold Kammel EaP ESDC Austria BMLV
Dr. Arnold Kammel lectures regularly at the EaP conferences and seminars organised by Austria.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Moldova, Ms Daniela Morari, underlined the long-lasting partnership with Austria in the security and defence domain, stating 'it did not take me a long time to decide to invite my Austrian friends once again to Chisinau'. The Austrian Ambassador to Moldova, Ms Christine Freilinger, underlined the timeliness and relevance of security-and-defence-related topics. 'Only together, in the framework of the European Union, will we be able to find solutions to current threats and challenges.'

Peter Michalko Jochen Rehrl Christine Freilinger Daniela Morari
Peter Michalko (EUDEL), Jochen Rehrl (ESDC), Christine Freilinger (AUT) and Daniela Morari (MLD)

As part of the social programme of the course, participants were invited to visit the famous 'Mileștii Mici' winery, located underground in natural limestone galleries. With a total length of 200 km, this 'wine city' is full of rows of oak barrels standing there as guardians, keeping watch.

EaP Chisinau Jochen Rehrl Daniela Morari Austria ESDC BMLV
Family pictures of the course participants with Daniela Morari (State Secretary), Christine Freilinger (Ambassador) and Jochen Rehrl (course director).