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Rehabilitation of State Road A1, section Miladinovci-Kumanovo (left carriageway), as part of Corridor X

20/09/2017 - 17:06
Transport and Infrustructure

The scope of this project is rehabilitation of the motorway section Miladinovci–Kumanovo (left carriageway), as part of corridor X. The actual length of rehabilitation works on the left carriageway, subject to this operation is 22,5 km.

The contract for works will be in accordance with FIDIC conditions of contract (‘Red Book’ — first edition 1999, conditions of contract).

The works contract will include activities related to: rehabilitation of the existing pavement, cleaning of existing culverts and shoulders, application of certain reparatory activities on bridges, culverts and other similar structure, replacement of traffic signs and road marking.


Contractor's name: STRABAG AG, Austria

Beneficiary institution: Ministry of Transport and Communications

Contract value (€): 4,943,950.85

IPA-NCF ratio: 85%-15%

Date of signature: 14.03.2017

End date: 10.09.2019

Type of Contract: Works Contract