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Eastern Partnership: Networking is key

14/03/2018 - 16:08
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Over the past years, the European Security and Defence College has conducted about 25 training activities dedicated to the countries within the Eastern Partnership. Each EaP country can already rely on a pool of experts for the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union. To keep this pool up to date, alumni are regularly invited to conferences, seminars and courses.

Embedded in the reflection seminar of the CSDP training programme for EaP countries, the alumni from Georgia were gathered for a national seminar to discuss last-minute information about the developments of CSDP. Prof. Sven Biscop from the Egmont Institute touched on topics such as the global strategy, permanent structured cooperation and the neighbourhood policies.

He concluded on a positive note that 'security and defence are back on the agenda in Brussels. We can hope that PESCO will be more successful than other projects in the past, which were announced in the best PR-manner, but forgotten even faster when it came to the implementation. PESCO could make the difference.'

The national alumni seminar in Georgia stimulated inter- and intra-institutional networking between the various classes of EaP training activities. The Georgian Minister of Defence, Dr. Levan Izoria, thanked Austria for hosting this initiative and expressed his gratitude for the CSDP training  provided to more than 100 Georgian officials from MFA, MOD, MOI and other institutions.