Moldovan ESDC alumni discuss EU Global Strategy

25/04/2017 - 16:03
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Following on from a CSDP reflection seminar, about 60 ESDC alumni from Moldova met the participants of another training event to discuss the EU Global Strategy. The national and multinational alumni events are designed to promote horizontal (involving participants from different courses) and vertical (involving participants from different class years) networking.

Professor Dr. Sven Biscop, Honorary Fellow of the ESDC and Director at the Brussels based Egmont Institute, gave the key note speech. He stressed the clear vision of the strategy and the momentum it created. The political will of European politicians will be important for success. Other issues covered in the speech included the proposal for a 'two-speed Europe', 'Europe and the Great Powers', 'BREXIT' and 'EU and NATO'.

Austria and Moldova hosted the event. The attendance of the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Andrei Galbur, and the Director of the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports, Brigade-General Reinhard Trischak showed that the training activity was of high importance.

Reinhard Trischak/Austria, Andrei Galbur/Moldova, Jochen Rehrl/ESDC