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Eight years after the outbreak of the conflict,
the situation in Syria is still critical, with millions
of Syrians displaced and in need of protection
and humanitarian assistance. The potential for
violence remains high, and there is little progress
in sight towards a sustainable resolution of the
conflict. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, as well as
other host countries in the region such as Egypt
and Iraq, have shown extraordinary solidarity
towards the refugees, and they continue to need
assistance to meet the growing needs of both the
refugees and their own communities.

A high-level European Union delegation will be in New York for the 74th United Nations General Assembly next week. The EU representatives will host and participate in a large number of events and meetings with world leaders. The EU continues to be a leader in global cooperation: joining forces with partners in support of multilateralism to uphold and promote international law and human rights, to support peace and democracy, to promote sustainable development and to stand side-by-side with people in need all over the world.

The European Union and the United Nations are natural partners. We are the world’s leading proponents and defenders of a multilateral and rules-based global governance system. Together, we respond to global crises, threats and challenges which cannot be addressed by individual nations acting alone, and which require cooperation and coordination based on universal values and rules.

"More than ever, our partners are looking to the European Union to stand up exactly for
multilateralism and the rules-based international order with a strong United Nations at its
core: as European Union, we are determined to preserve it. Investing in our partnership with
the UN is natural as we share the same fundamental values and goals. Together, we join forces
in our work around the world and in Europe, for sustainable development, peace and security,
and humanely and respectfully managed migration. And together we fight for education for all,
gender equality and human rights.”
- High Representative / Vice-President Mogherini, on the United Nations Day, 24 October 2018

Today, Christopher Reynolds was appointed Head of the EU capacity building mission in Somalia, EUCAP Somalia. He takes over from Maria-Cristina Stepanescu (from Romania) who was the Head of mission since 1 September 2016.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini, spoke by telephone today with President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani. 


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Thank you Mr President,

Three years ago, Colombia demonstrated to the world that even the longest and most violent of conflicts can come to an end. No one imagined that building peace would be easy. But three years on, the great majority of Colombians would never go back to the dark years of their country’s history.