European Union External Action

Budget and Administration division - BA

The mission of the Directorate General for Budget and Administration is to support the functioning and the development of the EEAS, in Headquarters and in the EU Delegations, by providing appropriate financial and human resources, logistic infrastructure and an effective security regime. Its global objective is to respond to the EEAS' evolving needs and to ensure that the Service is in the best possible conditions to fulfil its political priorities within the available resources.

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The mission of the Regional Centre Europe is to provide quality administrative support to 27 EU Delegations.

The Centre, established as a Pilot project covers in particular: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Strasbourg, FYROM, Georgia, Iceland, Rome, Kosovo, Libya, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Norway, Paris, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, UN (Geneva), WTO (Geneva), Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Vienna. These 27 Delegations employ about 1300 staff.

The Regional Centre Europe is organised in teams dealing with: procurement and contract management; accounting; human resources and legal assistance.


The mission of the Directorate for Security, Infrastructure, Budget and Information technology is to provide the EEAS (HQ and delegations) with the necessary means and support.

The Directorate consists of seven divisions:

BA.IBS.1 - Budget: responsible for the establishment and coordination of the overall budgetary resources of the EEAS (HQ and Delegations);

BA.IBS.2 - Field Security: responsible for providing leadership, operational support and oversight of the EEAS security management system, enabling the work of the EEAS, and for delivering of security duty of care responsibilities for staff and eligible dependants.

BA.IBS.3 - HQ Security and EEAS Security Policy: responsible for protection of EEAS Staff, visitors, premises and physical assets in Brussels, and classified information relevant to EEAS, by putting in place appropriate security measures and procedures.

BA.IBS.4 - Infrastructure, protocol and conferences: responsible for the elaboration and implementation of building infrastructure policy of the EEAS (HQ and Delegations). Furthermore, the Division is in charge of protocol, meetings and conferences.

BA.IBS.5 – Contracts: responsible for ex-ante control of tenders, contracts and financial operations. The Division provides support on matters of tendering in the widest possible sense, including risk management

BA.IBS.6 - Information technology: responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the ICT strategy for HQ and Delegations;

BA.IBS.7 - Secure communications: responsible for the protection and registration of EUCI within all EEAS entities and during the transfer to Member States, other EU institutions, International Organisations, agencies and missions by the provision of classified communication and information systems (CCIS), along with the infrastructure, organisation, personnel and information resources required to develop, maintain and operate them.

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The Human Resources Directorate of the EEAS manages all EEAS staff in Headquarters and in EU Delegations from recruitment to career management including rights and obligations of all categories of staff: officials, temporary agents, contract agents, local agents, seconded national experts, trainees. Its aim is to provide a well designed personnel policy to ensure the EEAS has the best suited and motivated staff to support the objectives and challenges of the institution.

The Human Resources Directorate is subdivided in 6 divisions working in a coordinated and complementary manner ensuring that needs and expectations of staff are met.

Functional Mailbox of the Directorate: EEAS HUMAN RESOURCES

BA.HR.1 - HR Policy and Co-ordination - The fundamental role of the Division is to coordinate and develop Human Resources (HR) allocation policy allowing the EEAS to fulfil its institutional mandate and to achieve its political priorities. The Division also exercises coordinating functions within MDR with regard to inter-institutional cooperation and social dialogue.

BA.HR.2 - Selection and recruitment - The Division carries out the selection and recruitment of EEAS staff, whether in Headquarters or Delegations, for management or non-management positions: officials, temporary agents, contract agents, seconded national experts, junior professionals, trainees.

BA.HR.3 - Rights and obligations - The Division is responsible for implementing the rights and obligations of all staff working in HQ and Delegations

BA.HR.4 -Career, Learning and Development - The division is responsible for offering  modern and effective learning and development opportunities to staff, including the management of the training budgets for Delegations and HQ

BA.HR.5 - The Local Agents' Division mission is to formulate a comprehensive human resource policy for the 3100 local agents employed in the EU Delegations and to help the delegations implement it.