European Union External Action

Foreign Affairs Council (Defence): Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell upon arrival

Brussels, 16/11/2021 - 10:22, UNIQUE ID: 211116_5

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Today, first, we are going to have  the [Steering] Board of the European Defence Agency. The important thing that we are going to approve [is] the mandate for the negotiations on the Administrative Arrangement with the United States. You know that [this is for] the United States to participate in the projects of the Agency. This will open the door to start with the Dialogue on Security and Defence. This was a request from the United States. And finally, today the Ministers - I hope - will agree on this mandate to start negotiations.

We will approve also new bunch of PESCO projects that will make up to 60 the [total] number of projects. They will start delivering concrete results in a couple of years. [This is] a new step on the European Defence.

After, we will have the Defence Ministers Meeting, the normal one, not the strong one [with Foreign Affairs and Defence Ministers] that we had yesterday. Today, we are going to talk about how we [can] make our CSDP missions more effective, especially in the Sahel and the partnership with third countries. [Those are] the issue[s] for today’s meeting.

How important it is for EU heads to take more active measures towards Russia because of what is happening in EU border and Ukrainian border? It is a threat to security.  

I am sure we are going to talk about it. It is not concretely in the agenda. But I am sure the Member States will raise it, and during the lunch with the Secretary General of NATO [Jens Stoltenberg] also this will be discussed. That is certainly something that we have to engage [on]. Thank you.

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