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Samoa and the EU

26/05/2016 - 16:35
EU relations with Country

Samoa encompasses the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The 2 main islands are Upolu and Savai'i.

Development cooperation

Past EU assistance

Since 1975, Samoa has received around €115 million in EU aid.

This includes €65 million in 2000-14 under the European Development Fund.

Current EU assistance

The initial allocation under the EDF in 2014-20 is €20 million, plus €4.5 million for renewable energy (microhydro).

Key sectors


This is the focus of EU aid – especially through budget support .

The Water Sector Support programme has helped Samoa develop a significant amount of capacity in the sector and establish a permanent institutional framework to govern and manage it.

Phase II of the Sector Reform Contract for the Water and Sanitation Sector has a budget of over €20 million, disbursed through budget support, and aims to:

  • increase the protected watershed area
  • reduce non-revenue water
  • increase the collection efficiency of the Samoa Water Authority
  • improve water quality
  • increase the percentage of urban households with septic tanks.

The current Water & Sanitation Sector Budget Support programme focuses on:

  • the financial sustainability of the Samoa Water Authority
  • the delivery of quality water.

Civil society

Past EU assistance – €3 million under the EDF Civil Society Support Programme in 2010-14, in collaboration with Australia.

Current EU assistance – €2million under the EDF in 2014-20.

Human rights

Samoa will also receive €193,334 from the Media for Democracy and Human Rights programme, part of the European Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy.

Climate change

Funding in 2014-20 under the EDF


Indicative funding

As a % of the total

Water sanitation and hygiene



Measures in favour of civil society and support measures



Technical cooperation facility






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