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Uganda-EU hold Article 8 Political Dialogue

Kampala, 28/06/2016 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 161026_11
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In accordance with Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Uganda and the European Union (EU) held on 28th June, 2016, a political dialogue during which the two parties discussed matters of mutual interest regarding their cooperation. The dialogue took place in an open, cordial and a constructive atmosphere on the basis of a jointly agreed agenda.

Uganda-EU hold Article 8 Political Dialogue
The Ugandan delegation was led by the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Sam Kutesa and was comprised of the Ministers of Justice, Internal Affairs, Defence, Finance, Planning and Economic Development, the Attorney General and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives.  

The delegation of the EU was led by Ms Michelle Labeeu, Chargé d’Affaires of the EU Delegation in Kampala. The delegation comprised of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The policy dialogue focused on three areas: regional peace and security, democracy and human rights, and sustainable development. The parties reaffirmed the importance of further strengthening their partnerships in the various regional peace and security initiatives. The EU acknowledged Uganda’s constructive engagement in supporting the peace and security challenges in the region. The parties agreed to stand united against radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism; and to further explore areas of cooperation to counter these threats.

The parties exchanged their views on the February 2016 Uganda general elections and noted the observations and recommendations of national, regional and international observers, and those of the Supreme Court of Uganda. Both parties acknowledged the responsibility of government to protect people and their property and the importance of ensuring, within the law, human rights, including a free, strong and vibrant press; of freedom of speech and of a strong and constructive civil society. Mutual commitments were reiterated to upholding accountability, transparency and the fight against corruption.

The parties reaffirmed their commitment to fully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change as well  as  to continue promoting trade and investment. The EU agreed to continue supporting Uganda’s economic transformation agenda. The EU commended Uganda’s efforts in mainstreaming agenda 2030 in the Uganda National Development Plan (NDP) II and the need to support its implementation.

The political dialogue concluded that both parties attach great value to the partnership between Uganda and the EU for the benefit of the people of Uganda and of the EU.

Uganda-EU hold Article 8 Political Dialogue
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