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WIPO - EU Statement - 56th General Assemblies - Geographical Indications and Lisbon System (Item 22)

Geneva, 06/10/2016 - 17:02, UNIQUE ID: 161006_11
Statements on behalf of the EU

WIPO 56th General Assemblies Geneva 5-14 October 2016



The EU and its Member States take note that, according to the decisions of the last General Assembly, the Lisbon Union has worked on measures to eliminate its projected 2016/2017 deficit and has also considered the long term financial viability of the Lisbon system. We welcome the progress made in this respect during the meetings of the Working Group which took place in Geneva in June, July and August, and call for new ideas as regard the financial support to the Union while securing full respect of the principles of solidarity and equality of treatment for each area of IP.


In this regard we also underline the importance of a robust and focused promotion of the Lisbon System, including the Geneva Act, underlining the development potential of GI rights with a view to attracting new Contracting Parties.


As regards possible measures to be adopted by the 2016 Assemblies in order to eliminate the projected biennial deficit of the Lisbon Union, as described in the 2016/17 biennium WIPO Program and Budget of the Lisbon Union, the EU and its Member States note the readiness announced by a number of Lisbon Union members during the meeting of the Working Group to make voluntary payments in order to eliminate the projected biennial deficit of the Lisbon Union.


The EU and its Member States stress the importance that the Lisbon Union be placed on an equal footing with all other Unions administrated by WIPO.


Thank you, Chair.

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