European Union Election Observation Mission
Republic of Zambia, 2016

Short-term observers arrive in Zambia from all 28 EU member states

06/08/2016 - 13:53

The EU Election Observation Mission reinforced its team with 56 of short-term observers ahead of election day. The short-term observers arrived on Friday to begin their training in Lusaka before being deployed all over Zambia. The Mission has been in Zambia since 29 June to observe all phases of the electoral process, and now has more than 120 observers in the country.

EU EOM Zambia short-term observer training in Lusaka

The 56 short-term observers (STOs) of the European Union Election Observation Mission arrived in Zambia on Friday, 5 August. They join the Mission’s 24 long-term EU observers (LTOs) and its Core Team that has been in the country since 29 June, to reinforce the Mission for election day observation activities.

The short-term observers arrived from all 28 EU member states plus Norway. They will participate in a two day training at the EU EOM headquarters in Lusaka before being deployed to their areas of responsibility on Monday, 8 August. With their arrival, the EU EOM reaches full strength with over 120 observers in Zambia.

On election day, EU observers will follow the voting, counting and tabulation at various polling stations across the country. They will report their observations to the Core Team of the Mission in Lusaka, where the data coming from every corner of Zambia forms part of a comprehensive analysis.

The initial findings of the Mission will be presented to the Zambian people and all electoral stakeholders in a preliminary statement at a press conference two days after elections day. A comprehensive final report, including recommendations for future elections, will be published approximately two months after the end of the electoral process.

Lusaka, 6 August