European Union Election Observation Mission
Sri Lanka 2019


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Following an invitation by the Election Commission (EC) of Sri Lanka, the European Union deployed an election observation mission (EU EOM) to observe the 16 November presidential election. The EU EOM was present in Sri Lanka from 11 October to 12 December 2019. The mandate of the mission was to observe all aspects of the electoral process, the national electoral legal framework and its implementation, and to assess the extent to which the election complied with international and regional commitments for elections.

Chief Observer Marisa Matias has presented the EU EOM Sri Lanka final report on last year's presidential election, with 23 recommendations for improvements, including on the adoption of a law on campaign finance and revision of the Presidential Elections Act to ensure equal campaign opportunities

What is the mandate of the Election Observation Mission?
Following an invitation from the Election Commission of Sri Lanka, the EU has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to observe the presidential election. This