European Union Election Observation Mission
Sierra Leone 2018


The EU EOM deploys 28 long-term observers in the 16 districts of Sierra Leone

10/02/2018 - 00:00
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Long-term observers of the EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) have been deployed to the field to observe the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Councils election of 7 March.

In all the 16 districts of Sierra Leone, long-term observers will follow the electoral campaign, the delivery of sensitive electoral materials, the voting on Election Day, the counting and the processing of results.

Before leaving, the long-term observers have followed a two-day training session in Freetown. They were briefed on the political situation of the country, on legal aspects of the election process, on the situation of the media and on all logistical aspects of the mission.

The long-term observers come from 25 different Member States of the European Union and Norway. In their area of observation, they will work in team of two and will meet local authorities, candidates and civil society. In order to make a comprehensive and neutral assessment of the electoral process, they will make sure to talk to as many different stakeholders as possible at all levels.

They will be joined soon by 40 short-term observers who will come to observe the poll on Election Day as well as a delegation of Members of the European Parliament.