European Union Election Observation Mission
Paraguay 2018


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All observers of the EU Election Observation Mission are bound by a strict Code of Conduct that ensures their neutrality and impartiality during their work.

The EU EOM Paraguay 2018 conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the prime-time coverage of a sample of Paraguayan media outlets. The monitoring of broadcast and print media was conducted from 21 March to 21 April 2018 and assessed both the amount of time and space devoted to each candidate contesting the election, as well as the tone of the coverage in which the relevant political actors have been portrayed. 

These are the final findings:

Renate Weber, Chief Observer of the EU EOM Paraguay 2018, issued the mission's final report following Paraguay 2018 general elections, including 20 recommendations for future improvements.


Final report: 

The EU EOM Paraguay 2018 final report was presented on press conference held on 19 June 2018 in Asunción.


Click here to download the document: 

The European Union Election Observation Mission – Paraguay 2018 will donate computer equipment, office furniture and medical kits to eleven Paraguayan institutions worth about 770 million guaraníes. These equipments have been utilized by the Mission throughout its stay in Paraguay on the occasion of the observation of the general elections on April 22.

The European Union Electoral Observation Mission – Paraguay 2018, along with the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, held a roundtable on Saturday 19 May on recommendations for improving future electoral processes. Paraguayan authorities and institutions, Electoral Justice ministers, representatives of political groups, the media, civil society and the pollsters discussed the feasibility and relevance of the recommendations suggested by the EU EOM.

The meeting was moderated by Paraguayan journalists Mercedes Barriocanal and Carlos Peralta.

The European Union Election Observation Mission in Paraguay 2018 issued its preliminary statement on the 22 April general elections. 

On 22 April, Paraguayans voted in six elections to elect the president and vice-president, the Congress (Senate and Chamber of Deputies), governors, members of departmental assemblies and Parlasur representatives. Voting took place in an organised and calm atmosphere with polling stations following procedures that ensured the integrity and transparency of the process.



A second group of 34 short-term observers was deployed to all departments of Paraguay to reinforce EU EOM's presence towards the observation of the Election Day on Sunday, 22 April.