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Paraguay 2018

EU EOM Paraguay 2018: A new group of 34 observers arrived to Paraguay to reinforce EU EOM's work

Asunción, 20/04/2018 - 17:38, UNIQUE ID: 180420_13
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A second group of 34 short-term observers arrived to Paraguay today to strengthen the work of the European Union Election Observation Mission who are working in the country since last March 13.

The newly arrived observers will be in Asunción during two days receiving training on electoral, legal, electoral campaign, and media issues before being deployed to different departments of the country. They will then meet the team of European Union observers who have been here for a month.

A delegation of members of the European Parliament and representatives from the European Union diplomatic corps will also join the Election Observation Mission on the Election Day. A total of more than 90 observers will be deployed in the country to observe the general elections this Sunday April 22.

Renate Weber explained that “with the arrival of a new group of observers, the European Union Election Observation Mission reinforces its presence in the country towards the observation of the election day. We will be present at the opening of the polling stations, closely following polling operations, the closing of ballot boxes, and the re-counting of ballot papers. The Mission will also perform a detailed monitoring of the provisional computing at the tribunal courts, as well as the operation of the Preliminary Electoral Results Transmission – TREP employed by the Electoral Justice”.

The European Union Election Observation Mission will make its first conclusions public in a preliminary statement, which will be made available at a press conference after the electoral day.



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