European Union Election Observation Mission
Nepal 2017


Fact Sheet - EU Election Observation Mission to Nepal

Kathmandu, 02/11/2017 - 14:36, UNIQUE ID: 171102_13

The European Union Election Observation Mission is led by Chief Observer, Željana Zovko, a Member of the European Parliament from Croatia. In total, the mission will comprise more than 100 observers. A core team of election analysts arrived in Kathmandu on 25 October. The core team analyses political, electoral and legal issues related to the electoral process, and is supported by logistical and security experts.

Thirty-eight long-term observers from EU member states and Norway arrive in Nepal on 3 November and deploy to all provinces a few days later. They observe the electoral process in their areas and report back to the core team in Kathmandu.


Twenty short-term observers from EU member states, as well as Norway and Switzerland, join the mission shortly before the first election day. A further 24 arrive for the second election day. They observe voting, counting and the tabulation of results. The mission is also joined by a delegation of Members of the European Parliament, as well as diplomatic staff from European embassies in Kathmandu.