European Union Election Observation Mission
Kenya 2017

Chief Observer presents EU EOM final report on 2017 Kenya elections, 10 January 2018

10/01/2018 - 13:15
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Marietje Schaake, EU EOM Kenya 2017 Chief Observer, presented the mission's final report at a press conference in Brussels. "The general elections and later fresh presidential election brought many disappointments and confrontations," she said.

Chief Observer Marietje Schaake

As she launched the mission's final report, Chief Observer Marietje Schaake urged Kenyan leaders and international partners to prioritize issues such as stronger rule of law, separation of powers, respect for independent institutions and the rights and freedoms of Kenyan people. Ms Schaake presented the EU EOM final report on the 8 August general elections and 26 October fresh presidential election in Brussels, saying she understood that the Kenyan government was not prepared to receive mission. The final report contains 29 recommendations for improving future elections. Among them are inclusive legal reform, strengthening the independence of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), and a review of the electoral system to promote inclusivity and the participation of women in politics. Ms Schaake said: “We hope the recommendations in our final report will contribute to more resilient democracy from which all Kenyans benefit. This takes time to build up, which is why it is important that steps are taken promptly to improve the legal framework, institutions and practices.”

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