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Eritrea Festival 2019: Resilience for Higher Progress

21/08/2019 - 11:37
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The Eritrean festival 2019 commenced on 16 August 2018 and will run until 22 August 2019. The theme this year is 'resilience for higher progress'.

Eritrea Festival 2019: Resilience for Higher Progress

Touring the Expo grounds on 19 August, I observed a well organized festival including a regional pavilion and exhibition hall depicting the six regional administrations of Eritrea depicting the distinct unique differences, an extensive section on innovation and creative talent, paintings and sculptures, products by various institutions and briefings by ministries, including books display and children’s entertainment programs. The festival depicts the unity in diversity of the Eritrean people, as well as, a wide food court area for festival visitors.

This year's festival is unique in that it is being held during promising peace in the region hence, a great opportunity to display the Eritrean people's traditions, culture and resilience.

''A well organized festival worth visiting and an opportunity to renew one's sense of belonging.''

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