European Union Election Observation Mission Jordan, 2016

European Union Election Follow-up Mission - Zambia - Final report launched

24/07/2019 - 13:25

An EU Election Follow-up Mission (EFM) was deployed from 27 May to 19 June in Zambia and was led by Cecile Kyenge, former Chief Observer of the 2016 EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM). The EFM assessed the status of implementation of the recommendations of the EOM based on extensive consultations of the Zambian institutions, civil society organisations, religious organisations, political parties and personalities from across the political spectrum. Before leaving the country on 15 June 2019, Cecile Kyenge, Chief of the Electoral Follow-up Mission (EFM) to Zambia emphasized that "2021 is not so far away, and it is important to provide legal certainty for the elections: at the same time, this implies broad ownership of the electoral framework across society, to guarantee its successful implementation and acceptance of the outcome of the process." The report also highlights how additional consultations as well as relevant institutions could further enhance implementation of the recommendations and the integrity of the electoral process.

EU Election Follow-up Mission, Zambia
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