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Libya targeted once again by terror, Mogherini expresses urgent need for unity

07/01/2016 - 00:00
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After Thursday's suicide bombing  in Zliten, Libya, High Representative Mogherini issued an official statement to condemn the attack.  "Once again Libya has been targeted by terrible violence, once again the Libyans are mourning victims of an attack", she said.

The High Representative also expressed the urgent need for unity in Libya through the implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement reached last December. "The people of Libya deserve peace and security, and, with the Libyan Political Agreement, they have a great opportunity to set aside their divisions and work together, united, against the terrorist threat facing their country.

“The quick implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement will be instrumental, so that a Government of National Accord can be established as soon as possible, to defend all Libyan citizens. It will also help preserve Libya's resources, defeat terrorists that want to undermine Libya's prosperity, and restore stability and security throughout the country."
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