European Union Election Observation Mission
Jordan, 2016

We observe the process, rather than the election outcome

Today, 20 September 2016, the European Union Election Observation Mission observed election day procedures across Jordan. “We observe the process, rather than the election outcome” Chief Observer Jo LEINEN said during a press point in Amman.

“Almost all of the observed polling stations where the EU Election Observation Mission was present opened on time except 2 of them, which were opened with less than 30 minutes of delay. Essential election material was available in all of the observed polling stations” he explained.

“Concerning the observation of the voting until noon time, I must say that EU observers this morning observed campaign activities or presence of posters and banners, or organized transportation of voters in some of the polling stations visited” he added.

“But it is too early to make an overall assessment. The voting is still ongoing, the counting has not started yet, and more observation will be sent by our observers in the next hours” Mr. Leinen explained.

Chief Observer Jo Leinen –  a member of the European Parliament - presented this information in a press point at Al Israa Basic School in Amman, after observing the voting in several polling centres in different areas of the capital.

108 EU EOM Observers are deployed across Jordan, both in urban and rural areas. “They will not leave the polling stations until the counting is over” he stressed. “They will also observe the tabulation of results and the process until its completion”.

On election day, the EU EOM observers focus on the voting process, the counting and tabulation, and also the transmission of results. But according to EU methodology, an election is not a one-day event. It’s a process encompassing various stages, including the legal framework, the work of election management bodies, the registration of voters and candidates, the campaign, the voting, counting, tabulation and the handling of complaints and appeals.

“These are the elections of the Jordanian people” Chief Observer Jo Leinen explained “So our mission will not interfere in any way in the process. But we want also to stress our independence from any authority. We are strictly impartial: we report on the accuracy, transparency and timely delivery of election results only, not on the political outcome of the elections”.

The preliminary statement of the EU EOM Mission to Jordan - its first public assessment - will be issued at a press conference on 22 September at 11:00 at the Mission’s headquarter in Amman.