European Union Election Observation Mission to Iraq 2021


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The European Union joins the United Nations Security Council in deploring the recent threats of violence against the personnel of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) and against others, following the publication of preliminary elections results in Iraq earlier this month.


Iraq conducted early elections for the Council of Representatives on 10 October. These elections mark an important step in the consolidation of Iraq's democracy and long-term stability. The efforts of the Iraqi electoral authorities and security forces resulted in a largely peaceful and orderly ballot, despite low turnout.

This preliminary statement of the EU election observation mission (EU EOM) is delivered before the completion of the entire electoral process. Critical stages remain, including tabulation of resultsand adjudication of petitions. The EU EOM is now only in a position to comment on observation undertaken to date, and will later publish a final report, including full analysis and recommendations for electoral reform. The EU EOM may also make additional statements on election-related matters as and when it considers it appropriate.

Well-managed, competitive elections despite low turnout and problematic legal framework

“The 2021 early parliamentary elections were technically well-managed and
competitive, despite challenges as regards level playing field for candidates and problematic aspects of
the legal framework”, Chief Observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to
Iraq, Viola von Cramon summarised the preliminary statement of the mission today in a press conference
in Baghdad.

The Chief Observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Iraq, Viola von Cramon, continued her observation of the electoral process in Iraq. Over the past days she met with stakeholders in Baghdad and Basra, including with Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) officials, Government officials, candidates and representatives of civil society, domestic observers, media representatives and others.

An exclusive interview with EU EOM Chief Observer Viola von Cramon in Foreign Talk on Al Iraqiya in which she explains why the EU EOM is an observation mission and not a monitoring mission.

“How do you assess the elections so far?” The question is asked in almost every interview or meeting as certain as the sun rises like a fireball to the east of Baghdad. And if the reply of the EU Election Observation Mission would qualify for the ranking of the most played hits on radio? It would probably scratch that mark. Only that the EU EOM’s answer is anything but popular or liked as much. It is basically always: “We cannot comment at this stage”.

Chief Observer Viola von Cramon talking to K24 during her visit to Erbil at the occasion of the official launch of the EU EOM to Iraq.