European Union Election Observation Mission
Honduras 2017


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Final report of the Election Observation Mission to Honduras- General Elections 2017
Statement by the Spokesperson following the announcement by the Honduran Supreme Electoral Court
Background The EU EOM has been in Honduras since 11 October, and has observed the different stages of the election process, within the framework of its commitment to neutrality, objectivity and non-interference, and it has shared its observations with Honduran citizens at key moments. On 28
Marisa Matias, Chief Observer of the EU EOM Honduras 2017, issued the mission's final report following Honduras 2017 elections, including 15 recommendations for future improvements.
The following statement of the European Union Election Observation Mission’s (EU EOM) preliminary findings is delivered before the completion of the electoral process. Critical stages of the elections remain, including the completion of results tabulation and publication, as well as the adjudication
40 European short-term observers were deployed on November 24 from Tegucigalpa to the departments across Honduras. With the arrival of this new group of observers, the European Union Election Observation Mission will observe general elections on Sunday 26 November with more than 100 observers.