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Honduras 2017


EU EOM Honduras 2017: "The design of the simulation system allows for a high level of transparency"

15/11/2017 - 18:15
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On Sunday 12 November EU EOM Honduras 2017 attended a simulation of transmission and publication of results by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal – Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE). The exercise took place in a hotel at the capital, where the TSE installed a tabulation centre and call centres to provide assistance to electoral custodians (polling staff) and other actors involved in the electoral process.

Political party representatives, national and international observers, as well as members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Honduras attended the simulation exercise. Moments before the conclusion of the simulation, the Deputy Chief Observer of the EU Election Observation Mission – Honduras 2017, José Antonio de Gabriel, made a statement on the preliminary observation of this exercise, in which he highlighted that “the design of the simulation system allows for a high level of transparency”.

In addition, he commented that the system is designed in such a way to guarantee that both citizens and political parties are able to compare results in the polling stations with those published by the TSE.

This exercise assessed the performance of the two companies hired to disseminate electronically results from 2078 polling centres, where more than 2000 electoral custodians worked.

The Deputy Chief Observer stated: “This has been a two-phases training: on the one hand, the transmission of records (actas) from the departments to the tabulation centre in the capital and, on the other hand, the preliminary dissemination of processing, analysis and final disclosure of the records. TSE’s president David Matamoros made a public acknowledgement of the necessity to improve communication with the municipal electoral tribunals (Tribunales Electorales Municipales – TED). EU Election Observation Mission – Honduras 2017 observers deployed in different departments across the country also identified some inconsistencies. “There is room for improvement and this is the reason for carrying out this exercise. More logistical coordination, especially with the electoral custodians (polling staff) and between the custodians and the polling centres, is needed”, said de Gabriel.

Listen to the Deputy Chief Observer José Antonio de Gabriel assessment on the following link (in Spanish).