European Union Election Observation Mission
Ghana, 2016


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  1. Statements by the Spokesperson
  2. Statements by the Spokesperson
  3. Statements by the Spokesperson
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  5. Videos
    Testimonial Guterres

    Antonio Guterres- Secretary-General of the United Nations

  6. Videos
    Testimonial Albright

    Madeleine Albright- Former US Secretary of State

  7. Videos
    Intervención Alto Representante UE en el Congreso del Futuro 2021

    Intervención Alto Representante UE Josep Borrell en el Congreso del Futuro 2021

  8. Statements by the Spokesperson
  9. Videos
    HR/VP Josep Borrell in EP plenary session - Common Foreign and Defence Policy & Human Rights

    EP Plenary session Joint debate- Common Foreign and Defence Policy and Human Rights

  10. Videos