European Union Election Observation Mission
Ghana, 2016



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All observers of the EU Election Observation Mission are bound by a strict Code of Conduct that ensures their neutrality and impartiality during their work.

يجب على جميع المراقبين من بعثة الاتحاد الأوروبي لمراقبة الانتخابات التقيد تقيدا تاما بمدونة قواعد السلوك التي تضمن النزاهة والحيادية أثناء عملهم.

Todos los observadores de la Misión de Observación Electoral de la UE están sujetos a un estricto Código de Conducta que garantiza su neutralidad e imparcialidad durante su trabajo.

Tous les observateurs des missions d'observation électorale de l'UE sont liés par un code de conduite strict qui garantit leur neutralité et leur impartialité pendant leur travail.

The brochure "Beyond Election Day: Best practices for follow-up to EU Election Observation Missions" was launched at the European Development Days on 8 June 2017 in Brussels.

Mission debate with students and election roundtable

Chief Observer, Tamas Meszerics, during a debate at the new Centre for European Studies, followed by a special meeting of the Elections Working Group