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Ghana, 2016

The Mission meets with the Minister of Interior

10/08/2020 - 16:25
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On 8 August, a delegation led by the Deputy Head of Mission Benny Jensen met with the Minister of Interior Othman Ali Farhood Al-Ghanemi in his residence in Baghdad. The Minister, who was accompanied by the Head of the Media Directorate and the Head of the Arab and International Cooperation Section, emphasized that civilian security sector reform is one of his Ministry’s top priorities. He reiterated his appreciation for the Mission, expressed his determination to promote productive working relations, which will be guided by an “Agreement of Cooperation” for enhanced partnership.

The Minister strongly underlined the importance to integrate human rights and gender perspectives into all aspects of SSR, requesting EUAM assistance in further advancing the respect of the rule of law and compliance with international obligations. He also welcomed the proposed EUAM campaign against domestic violence and expressed his determination to support efforts to counter violence against women.

Both parties undertook to improve and accelerate cooperation in all areas of the Mission mandate. In light of the ongoing demonstrations, EUAM strategic advice was requested in reorganising the command and control structures of the Law Enforcement Forces and advance human rights compliant approaches. EUAM pledged to contribute to this important reform element in close coordination with MoI counterparts and international partners.   

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