European Union Election Observation Mission
Ghana, 2016

HRC 44 - Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on violence against women

Geneva, 07/07/2020 - 16:01, UNIQUE ID: 200707_3
Statements on behalf of the EU

Madam President,

The EU thanks the Special Rapporteur for her report on this highly relevant topic and expresses full support for her mandate.

Women journalists and media workers are confronted with specific challenges and threats in the course of their work, such as multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, sexual and gender-based violence, intimidation and harassment. These violations are increasingly taking place online and present an unacceptable obstacle for women to fully exercise their right to freedom of expression or opinion.

Coherent and systematic responses are needed to ensure that women are not silenced and discouraged from participating in public affairs.

The EU agrees that states, in collaboration with business and civil society, should tackle these abuses to ensure compliance with international human rights law. The approach should be three-pronged to prevent, protect, and prosecute. Preventive efforts such as training programs must be increased. Women at risk must be protected against these violations. And those involved in acts of violence against women must be brought to justice. It is imperative that survivors of violence receive full support. The EU and its member states will remain strongly committed to mainstreaming gender issues in all its measures and programs dealing with the protection of journalists and media actors.

Madam Special Rapporteur,

The COVID-19 crisis has led to increased cases of threats and intimidation against journalists. What immediate gender-responsive measures can be taken to protect women journalists from these attacks?

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