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European Union Election observation mission
Gabon 2016

EU observers present findings on Saturday, dismiss fake reports in social media

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) will present its preliminary findings about the electoral process tomorrow, Saturday afternoon at a press conference in Lusaka. Chief Observer of the Mission, Ms Cecile Kyenge said the EU EOM is interested in the credibility of the electoral process, and not in any particular outcome of the elections. She dismissed fake reports circulating in the social media about expected election results associated with "European Observers", confirming that the EU election observers have not produced or published any such reports.


The EU EOM has been in Zambia to conduct a long-term observation, assessing all aspects of the electoral process, including the legal framework, the work of the electoral administration, the nominations, campaign, the media environment, complaints and appeals, as well as election day activities. The preliminary findings of this long-term qualitative assessment will be presented to the public on Saturday.


The EU EOM has over 120 observers in Zambia, who were following all election day procedures, including the opening of polling stations, as well as the voting process across the country. They remained in their areas of responsibility to continue the observation of the counting and tabulation. As the Mission is not interested in the particular outcome of the elections, EU observers were not tasked to publish aggregated election results, and therefore any such reports claiming to be coming from EU observers are fake.

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