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Statement by the Spokesperson on the killing of eleven Colombian soldiers by the FARC

Bruxelles, 16/04/2015 - 16:29, UNIQUE ID: 150416_06
Statements by the Spokesperson


The attack in which eleven members of the Colombian armed forces were killed and others wounded by a FARC brigade is a serious obstacle on the way to a much needed reconciliation.

The conflict has already claimed too many lives and has caused untold suffering for the Colombian people. The HRVP Federica Mogherini had the chance to discuss on the peace process with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos last week in Panama and restated to him the EU's readiness, and her personal commitment, to support the peace process.

The momentum generated by the valuable steps taken in recent months to de-escalate the conflict should not be lost. The EU reiterates its call on the FARC to renounce violence and demonstrate a clear commitment to peace in deeds as well as in words. It further encourages both parties to redouble their efforts to overcome remaining differences, with a view to reaching a comprehensive agreement to end the conflict for the benefit of the Colombian population.

The European Union wishes to express its sympathy to the victims of this reprehensible attack and to their relatives.