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Wilson Mascogliatto: a hairstylist who took on the challenge of keeping his salon afloat in Argentina

04/08/2021 - 18:10
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This 59-year-old hairstylist tells us how being vaccinated allowed him to build the confidence to continue his family business in the midst of the pandemic.

Wilson Mascogliatto

I am Wilson Mascogliatto, 59 years old and a lifelong stylist. In 1996, I opened my own salon, Mascogliatto Stylists, in the Belgrano, Buenos Aires.
It is a family business. My wife joined as a hairdresser, and later, one of my daughters who is a professional colourist. The COVID-19 pandemic was a hard blow for my family, both and me economically and emotionally.
From one moment to the next, I had to close and uncertainty set in. We were closed for about six months. Little by little, the sanitary restrictions were lifted, we managed to reopen the salon and the authorities began to vaccinate. It was there that I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.
Having been vaccinated, in my case with AstraZeneca, and that the rest of the salon staff could also be vaccinated, has allowed those of us who work in the salon to feel safer, since by the nature of the work we do we have contact with many people every day.
Our clients also feel more comfortable now knowing that all of us who work in the salon are vaccinated and that we continue to apply the sanitary measures to prevent contagion. I dream of the day when I can hug and kiss my clients when I greet them or say goodbye as I did before the pandemic. I encourage everyone to be vaccinated. It is the only way to be safe. We have a responsibility.