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Erika Astudillo, journalist: "Now that we all are protected, we are meeting back again"

29/07/2021 - 11:25
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This 31-year-old Ecuadorian journalist was afraid to do her job, which includes meeting and interviewing people, during the pandemic. Once vaccinated, she and her colleagues feel more confident to return to the newsroom


Every time it is more and more common to ask and be asked if we have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 among people around us. When we get an affirmative answer, it generates a feeling of happiness and confidence because we all know that the vaccine is the most effective way to stay healthy and return safely to our daily activities.

Before getting the vaccine and as a journalist I was very afraid of doing my job, which includes attending events, conducting interviews and being in contact with many people. However, since I received the vaccine, I can do this with more security and self-confidence. Of course I haven’t stopped other habits such us using the mask, washing my hands and keeping distance.

Most of my colleagues and I were vaccinated at the same time and that was a motivation to go to the office with more enthusiasm and confidence. In addition, the fact that most of us got the vaccine motivated those who still had doubts about it.

In my personal life, since I was the only one in my family who hadn’t gotten the vaccine yet, we avoided meetings. Now that we all are protected, we are meeting back again. I also feel ready to plan a few days out of town to relax this summer, especially after more than a year of not doing it because I was afraid of Covid-19. I am convinced that with the vaccine we protect ourselves and everyone around us.