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Marie Florence, hotel owner: "Getting vaccinated was important for my work, my clientele and also my family"

27/07/2021 - 10:34
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COVID-19 was a disaster for this bed & breakfast manager, as international clients disappeared. With her and her staff now vaccinated, she is looking forward to welcoming new tourists


Good afternoon! My name is Marie Florence Uwimana, I am the owner and manager of Tea House Bed & Breakfast in Rwanda, and I am Rwandan.

COVID-19 has been a real disaster for our business, since most of our clientele comes from Europe and the U.S. Yet, because of the pandemic, the government had to close our borders and we had almost no clients since March 2020.

Because I am working in the tourism sector, I was lucky to be among the first to get vaccinated. At first, I was a bit hesitant to get vaccinated but now I can say it is so important to get vaccinated, especially if one is working in restaurants and hotels in close contact to clients coming from around the world. It is also important for me that my clientele feels safe and at ease when they come to the bed & breakfast, therefore it was important that my staff got vaccinated.

Now that I am vaccinated, I also feel safer and more confident when I get home to my children. Therefore, getting vaccinated was important for my work, my clientele and also my family.

And I am looking forward to welcoming international tourist in my Tea House Bed & Breakfast in Kigali in the near future!