European Union Election Observation Mission
Lebanon 2018

Chief Observer Elena Valenciano launches EU EOM Lebanon 2018 for 6 May parliamentary elections

14/04/2018 - 16:02
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Elena Valenciano, Chief Observer of EU EOM Lebanon 2018, launched the mission at a press conference on 13 April, stressing the importance of Lebanon's parliamentary elections for the country's stability

Mme. Valenciano told journalists and diplomats at the news conference that the new electoral system agreed in Lebanon in 2017 presented new challenges and opportunities for the electorate, politicians and administrators, not least because it includes for the first time a degree of proportional representation in the country’s system.

“Lebanon is embarking on a new electoral system with, for the first time, some proportional representation and out-of-country voting for Lebanese nationals abroad. These are important changes and people must feel their will is reflected in the outcome.

She continued: “We will measure the process in this context, against Lebanon’s law and international commitments. We are here in this task with a team of 24 highly experienced long-term observers (LTOs), who deployed around the country on 10 April.”

For the out-of-country voting, 26 short-term observers will be observing voting in Lebanese embassies and consulates in 10 European countries on 29 April, before travelling on to Lebanon for the 6 May election day.

A core team of nine experts is in Beirut. For election day they, the LTOs and a total of 36 short-term observers will be joined by seven Members of the European Parliament and around 30 representatives of EU Member State embassies based in Beirut, plus the Norwegian and Swiss missions, bringing the EU EOM's estimated total strength to more than 100 observers.

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