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EU Ambassador to Korea Delivers Congratulatory Remarks at Inauguration of Anna House's Seongnam Youth Support Centre, Youth Share House

Seoul, 05/02/2020 - 08:32, UNIQUE ID: 200205_3
Speeches of the Ambassador

EU Ambassador's Speaking Points at the Inauguration of the Anna House's Seongnam Youth Support Centre and Youth Share House

This year is special as we mark the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention on the Rights of the Child remains the most ratified UN Treaty and has played a vital role in improving the lives of children.

Every single child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment – free from any form of violence, abuse, harassment or neglect.

It is our collective task to do everything we can to ensure that these rights are respected and ensured for every child, everywhere.

UNICEF and the EU decided to join forces this year to launch a joint campaign called #TheRealChallenge. The campaign has centred on asking adolescents to express their views on their own rights and in their own language using the social media platform Tik Tok.

So much for the important legal background and public campaign.

However, what is a treaty without implementation?

Implementation meaning to help children concretely,

  • to provide them with shelter, with care, compassion,
  • to protect them against violence, physical or on the internet, abuse.

There Anna House and Father Vincenzo stick out – what we see here is not talk, we see concrete action, namely the inauguration of new centre for support of young people.

A year ago I was privileged to participate in the inauguration of the new Anna House – but being his usual self Father Vincenzo was not satisfied but continued his efforts which bore fruit as we see.

I thank you for your efforts, your tireless engagement for others.

When I thought about a present for this occasion I thought of something which would remain, to mark the occasion and there my friend Kim Hyung-jung, a well-known artist came to my mind. And she spontaneously agreed, to donate one her valuable works and to join me here – in her personal capacity and as the Goodwill Ambassador of the Metropolitan Government of Seoul.

I thank her for this generosity and Father Vincenzo and his team for your tireless efforts – I can only wish that they become superfluous one day because our society will be healed.

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